Alexis Krasilovsky
Alexis Krasilovsky


The Parking Lot of Dreams

"The Parking Lot of Dreams" will screen at the Oodaaq Festival on Sunday, May 19th at La Parchemenerie in Rennes, France.

"The Parking Lot of Dreams" VideoBardo International Videopoetry Festwas an Official Selection of the VideoBardo International Videopoetry Festival (Buenos Aires, Argentina) and the Aotearoa Poetry Film Festival (Wellington, New Zealand) in November 2023. It is also an Official Selection for the 2024 Black Owl Film Festival, held in Bodrum, Turkey and the Liber Films International Festival, held in Athens, Greece on February 4, 2024.

Luis Bunuel Memorial Fest laurel Black Owl Festival Aoteroa Poetry Film Fest Best Original Concept Jane Austen Int Film Fest

Alexis Krasilovsky's new film, "The Parking Lot of Dreams," has won the Best Original Concept Award (Experimental Film) at the Jane Austen International Film Festival, in the UK. The film also won the following awards in India: an Outstanding Achievement Award (Mobile Film) and monthly Award Winner (Experimental Film) at the Black Swan International Film Festival; Best Mobile Film Award at the Luis Buñuel Memorial Awards Competition; and an Outstanding Achievement Award (Experimental Film) at the Tagore International Film Festival, and won "Best Quarantine Film" at the Sofia International Film Festival.

laurel Black Swan Festival Winner Luis Bunuel Memorial Awwards 2022Laurel Tagore International Film Festival

"Very beautiful...the combination of the verbal and visual images makes a strong overall effect."
- Rodger Kamenetz, author of "The Jew and the Lotus" and "Dream Logic"

"Powerful. Unsettling. Moving."
- Miriam Mills

"…Highly original work! I read it as a poetic meditation on loneliness, alienation and anxiety, which also echoes the spatial, social and gendered subdivisions within and outside of the city.
The images are beautifully reconstructed, disfigured and displaced, which creates both a kinetic collision and harmony between words, images and locations within the space you explored.
I like that you playfully replace images of roads, highways and other more evocative places with the parking lot, which typically functions as a pit stop in the road movie genre …"
- Kornelia Boczkowska, Ph.D., author of "Lost Highways, Embodied Travels: The Road Movie in American Experimental Film and Video"

International Poetry Film Festival The Film is also an Official Selection of the following festivals:  CalArts Expo, The International Poetry Film Festival, Hollywood; Amsterdam Short Film Festival; Nevada Women's Film Festival; San Diego Art Film Festival; Marina del Rey Film Festival; and the International Video Film Festival (Athens, Greece).

Sofia Arts Best Quarantine Film
Chicago Indie Official Selection Monologues & Poetry International Film FestSanta Barbarbara Film
laurel Amsterdam Short Film FestivalLA Indies Fest
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Three of the poems from the film are also included in Alexis Krasilovsky's new book, "Watermelon Linguistics: New and Selected Poems" (Cyberwit: January 2022 - available on Amazon at

"The Parking Lot of Dreams" premiered as part of the New American Cinema Group (New York Film-Makers' Coop)'s "New Year New Work" Festival in "Program 2":

Parking Lot of Dreams by Alexis Krasilovsky

Here is the link for streaming the "The Parking Lot of Dreams":

Watch an interview among the filmmakers in the NY Film-Makers Coop New Year/New Work Festival from March 19 here:
The making of "The Parking Lot of Dreams" starts at 15:52.

"The Parking Lot of Dreams" is now available at Canyon Cinema, along with other titles:, and at the New York Film-Makers' Coop.

The Parking Lot of Dreams by Alexis Krasilovsky

"It may be that in our post-modern and post-industrial society much of the enchantment of the world is drained and replaced by the dull practical details of everyday life. Perhaps also the parking lot can be seen as a "poster boy" for such a situation. It is a flat space with the singular practical purpose of housing automobiles when they are not being used. The parking lot reflects no aesthetic concerns because it is not meant to be occupied by people. There is no street life at all and anyone spotted there will be quickly traversing the gray asphalt expanse in order to get to or away from their vehicle without stopping to smell the roses (and of course there would not be any roses).

The Parking Lot of Dreams by Alexis Krasilovsky flies in the face of all of this.

In her video the parking lot is transformed into a series of graphical geometric abstractions and neo-primitive figures. The textures of asphalt and reflective paint always bring us back to the titular subject, and yet, we are equally swept away into a world suggested by its vaguely ethnographic figures. This world might be of an African, Native American, or Aboriginal Australian tribe – a world perhaps of evocative magic. This uncomfortable combination evinces a wacky sense of humor that is underscored by Krasilovsky's witty and occasionally rhyming voice-over: "We'll take Kabbalah, or an Uber to Allah, just get us going on the right road" These words seem to indicate a desire for the immaterial or spiritual (or perhaps even the digital or virtual), while the character of a young woman in ballet shoes tiptoes across the hard reality of the parking lot.

And lest we become too comfortable Krasilovsky warns the post-modern seeker 'and as for you artists well on your creative paths – there's indecision!' "

-- Gregg Biermann, Co-President, New American Cinema Group/Filmmakers Cooperative (New York); Professor of Cinema Studies, Bergen Community College.

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