Alexis Krasilovsky
Alexis Krasilovsky


Mr. Boogie Woogie

From the early days of 3/4" portapak color video...


Mr. Boogie Woogie: Video quality still


"...a new DVD about the life of barrelhouse pianist Mose Vinson from Memphis, filmed in the late 70's when Vinson was at his peak, it's a must for every prewar blues fan (yes country blues can also be piano)."
- Michael Hortig (Austria) WeenieCampbell Preserving Country Blues through Education, Performance and Technology

"'We called him 'Mr. Boogie Woogie,'" Memphis Slim explains, in his affectionate tribute to his less successful colleague...Vinson's Holly Springs boyhood as the son of a Saturday Night musician, his failure as a sharecropper, his involvement with the Baptist church, his lonely life now... all are captured with striking visuals... The intimacy that the small-format video medium can provide is displayed here to its fullest extent... Vinson's world is beautiful, troubled, and important."
- Film Library Quarterly

"A straightforward look at blues pianist Mose Vinson - the interviews from his boyhood home in Mississippi intercut with the man at his piano, singing in his soulful wail, which is where he really shines."
- L.A. Weekly


Mr. Boogie Woogie: Photo of Mose Vinson


30 minutes, 3/4" video, color, 1978. Director:  Alexis Krasilovsky

Category: Documentary

Plot Keywords: African-American studies, African-American culture, Blues, Boogie Woogie, ethnomusicology, Memphis, Mississippi, music, musicians, piano

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Mr. Boogie Woogie DVD cover

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Special Features Include:
- Mose Vinson Plays the Blues (audio)

Additional Film:


Mr. Boogie Woogie: Just Between Me and God

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